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CCO... A Professional Image, A Professional Edge

Central City Orchestra been spending quite a lot of time making sure our marketing pieces are just right, from our audio samples, our video production to our photos. The wedding market is driven on style, class and presentation and we know we need to reflect the amazing product that we are with these very important elements. Which leads to a question... why would a bride or a groom choose a wedding band that didn't reflect the style, class and professionalism they would expect on the biggest day of their lives? A wedding band can make or break your wedding, choose wisely, and like anything else, you get what you pay for. A good wedding band works with the natural ebb and flow of the event, catering to the needs of the other vendors, working with time restraints and last minute changes. A good wedding band knows what is appropriate to play and when, always reading the crowd. A good wedding band puts a great deal of emphasis on the sound, always having a professional on site monitoring this at all times. And a great wedding band has all of these elements. Join Central City Orchestra for our upcoming LIVE showcases in York, Harrisburg and Lancaster, PA!

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